Sot Pop is a project conceived, designed and produced over the course of a year, in collaboration with other nine people.

The aim is to create a multi-sensorial product for mentally handicapped people in order to improve their language and motor skills.

Tasks performed:

  • The direction of the project.
  • Computer Game Programming.
  • Production and editing of pOp's voice
  • Testing and correction of the game-panel relation.
  • 3D Model
  • Participation in the background search.
  • Participation in the interviews and surveys.
  • Participation in the conceptual design of the product.
  • Participation in the construction of the model.
  • Participation in the marketing campaign.
  • Participation in the exhibition of the product to the public.

Members of the group: Julia Sevilla, Alejandro Sisternes Pla, Blanca Tormo, Alejandra Paya, Maria Balaguer, Paula Ruiz, Sandra Pastor, Elena Irles and Vero Magro.

Acknowledgements: Raquel Fernández, Salva Ballester, Adrian Sisternes, Bittor Arrillaga and Occupational Center "Francisco Navarro Tarín".